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BetterMe is a growing line of supplements formulated and labeled for specific health issues like brain health, immune support, and mood enhancement. Our supplements are manufactured by Vitaquest, registered with the FDA and are selling on Amazon as well as being distributed by Smith Drug.

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Why BetterMe?

What Makes Us Unique

There are a lot of supplement brands out there. Here's a quick overview of what makes BetterMe stand out in the crowd.

Clear Labeling

Every product is named and labeled according to the health concern it is made to help address

Natural Ingredients

All our formulas are non-GMO, and all new formulas are free from artificial colors or sweeteners

Unique Formulas

Our products all have unique formulations designed to address common health concerns

90 Day Supply

Most BetterMe products come with 90 days supply in each bottle for a lower price per serving

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Check out our BetterMe blog for information about nutrition, strategies for self-improvement and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.

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